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  • Does Your Kentucky Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accident Attorney Know Insurance Law?

    Posted on June 15th, 2009 Edward A. Brutscher No comments
    Does Your Kentucky Accident Attorney Know Insurance Law?

    Does Your Kentucky Accident Attorney Know Insurance Law?

    You see many advertisements for car, truck, or motorcycle accident attorneys in Kentucky promising to, “get you the compensation you deserve.”  However, nothing is mentioned about the insurance companies or policies from where this money comes.  Lawyers and most sophisticated clients know that the money will come from the insurance company for the party at fault for the accident if he or she has one and from the injured party’s insurance company if he or she doesn’t.  But simply because an accident attorney knows where to get the money doesn’t mean they know how.

    Many accident attorneys will settle your claim with the insurance company without knowing what your case is worth.  They may demand entirely too much or even worse, seek to settle your case for too little.  Some might not even be able to describe to their client’s why they think you should settle for a particular amount offered by the insurance company.  If the insurance company refuses to pay due to some policy exclusion or coverage defense, then that attorney may be unsure how to fight for you to make sure that the insurance company is being fair.

    Make sure that your car, truck, or motorcycle accident attorney knows insurance law and understands insurance policies, their specific coverages, and exclusions to coverage.  Retain an experienced car, truck or motorcycle accident attorney with a proven record of handling injury claims and one with knowledge of insurance companies and their practices and procedures.  Don’t get less or worse nothing, because your Kentucky accident attorney doesn’t know insurance law.

  • Recover Lost Wages Even If You’re Unemployed At The Time Of An Auto, Car, or Truck Accident.

    Posted on June 8th, 2009 Edward A. Brutscher No comments
    Recover Your Lost Wages

    Recover Your Lost Wages

    Kentucky law provides for the payment of PIP benefits when you’ve been injured in an auto, car or truck accident.  This includes payment for lost wages up to a statutory amount.  Proof of lost wages is submitted to your insurance carrier, who then pays you your lost wages.

    However, there is no condition placed on the time these lost wages occur.  So, while you might be unemployed at the time of the accident, you might still be entitled to lost wages if you’re prevented from working in the future because of your injuries.

    In today’s economy it is likely that someone will be laid off or unemployed at the time they suffer injuries in a car accident.  However, if they later accept employment or if they are hired back to their old job, they can recover lost wages if they are prevented from working because of their injuries.  It makes no difference that they were laid off or unemployed at the time of the accident.

    Make sure if you’re injured in an accident and suffer lost wages that you submit those lost wages to your insurance company for payment under the applicable PIP coverage.  This includes lost wages inccured at a time or date after the accident.

  • Are You Protected By Minimum Car Insurance Limits?

    Posted on June 4th, 2009 Edward A. Brutscher No comments
    Are You Protected By Minimum Coverage?

    Are You Protected By Minimum Coverage?

    You often hear commercials about buying car insurance.  Many times these commercials offer to “get you insured for the minimum” or something similar.  What exactly is meant by “minimum” car insurance?  Will minimum car insurance limits protect you?

    Kentucky law requires that all registered vehicles on the roadway carry “minimum coverage.”  In Kentucky, that coverage is $25,000.00.  This insurance provides protection for the  person causing an accident, while at the same time providing a recovery for those injured by a car accident.  If you’re at fault, minimum coverage will pay for the damage you have done.  If you’re the injured person, minimum coverage will compensate you for your injuries.

    However, minimum coverage means exactly that, minimum.  It provides the least amount available.  This may not be enough.  If the person’s medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering are more than the $25,000.00, then cars carrying minimum insurance are “underinsured”.  If your car is underinsured your personal assets, like your home, personal property, or bank accounts might not be protected.  That’s because your insurance company is only required to pay as much as you’ve purchased.  You are responsible for any damages over that amount.

    So, while you may be “legal for less” according to Kentucky law, you might not carry enough insurance to protect yourself.  What can you do?  You can purchase insurance in amounts above the minimum.  Most insurance companies provide coverages of $50,000.00 or $100,000.00 per person, which offer far more protection for more money.

    If your purpose is to be legal and you don’t have any assets , then the minimum coverage may be enough.  However, to protect yourself against “underinsured” driver’s who purchase minimum coverage, purchase your own “underinsured” motorists coverage from your own insurance company.