Storm Forces Closures
Storm Forces Closures

Extremely cold and icy conditions after yesterday’s winter storm forces multiple business and government closures. The Brutscher Law Office is also closed today. Louisville Jefferson County Public and Catholic schools announced closures for Friday early yesterday in anticipation of the brutal cold temperatures and icy conditions.

Road conditions continue to be sporadic throughout Louisville Metro. While the main roads appear to be relatively clear and free of ice and snow, back roads, including those further south of Louisville continue to contain snow and ice. While clearing roads make it possible to travel throughout Louisville, it is again recommended that if you do not need to travel that you should stay home.

Remember that while roadways may appear clear, temperatures in the 20’s prevent deicers and rock salt from melting ice. So, while the road may appear clear of snow, the ice underneath may still remain. However, under these conditions it appears to be clear asphalt. It is under these conditions that a term called “black ice” is used. Black ice gives the appearance of a clear but wet road. In reality, the road is covered with a thin layer of ice. This causes problems with traction and control of cars. Many people believe the road is merely wet and fail to take precautions against the ice.

If you must travel to work, please be aware of these conditions and exercise caution as needed. If you do not need to travel do not. The more cars on the roadway in these conditions the more likely that a wreck will occur resulting in serious harm or injury.

Many people will ask why did Louisville Jefferson County Public Schools close given that the conditions don’t appear too be to terribly bad. It is important to note that the Louisville Jefferson County Public Schools contain over 100,000 students alone. This does not include Louisville Jefferson County Catholic or Christian Schools. Nor, does it include administration, teachers, or staff. These students need transportation to their schools under modern school transportation systems. The additional buses and cars on the road along with the general public trying to get to work or government trying to continue essential services under these weather conditions can create an increase in traffic collisions and the risk of harm to students and adults alike.

Snow days are never easy for families and individuals who have children and have to work. These families and individuals rely on their children being in school while they go to work. However, it is better to be sure that your child is safe than to regret a poor choice on behalf of the school system to risk the chance. Few things cause as much fear and anxiety to parents and students as a news report showing a school bus full of children in an accident. On days like today, it is better to exercise prudence than to engage in folly.

Temperatures will continue to fall tonight into the low teens. Ice will continue to be present on roadways throughout Louisville. These conditions will maintain the slick and icy road conditions. Roads where the ice and snow melted, but are still wet, will freeze again.

Because today is Friday, many people will want to get out and enjoy the evening. No one wants to be forced inside during the weekend. So, if you do venture out, please be careful. Remember, poor weather is not an excuse for poor judgment. You are responsible for operating a motor vehicle in poor weather conditions and any failure to exercise care even in these circumstance can be negligence.

For a list of closures you can check out WLKY. You can also find a list of closures at WDRB’s, Snow Fox. More closure and delays can be found at Wave 3 and WHAS 11.

Hopefully, warmer temperatures will begin to melt the ice and snow and we can return to normal business operations. Until, then enjoy another snow day!

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