Renting A Car For Vacation? Buy The Insurance!

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Renting A Car On Vacation?

Summer is almost here and many will chose to take a vacation.  Whether you are looking to rent a car after flying to your destination or you rent a van or other passenger vehicle for a long trip, you might want to buy the insurance offered by the rental car company.  Many driver’s assume that their insurance will cover them if they are involved in an accident while driving a rental car.  Driver’s often opt to rely on their own policy and forgo paying the additional charge for rental insurance.  This may be a mistake.

Many policies of insurance exclude coverage for rental vehicles, including property damage to the vehicle you’ve rented.  Accidents can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and bodily injury.  The small sums you are required to pay for additional insurance, while renting a vehicle, are well worth the cost.  Don’t put yourself at risk.  Read your policy to make sure you know what is covered.  Or you might just want to buy the insurance to be safe.

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